About ARtech

About the Founder

ARtech was founded by Art Rocha, Sr., D.M.D. Master Dental Ceramist. He owns a supreme quality cosmetic dental laboratory in the Greater Houston Area. For fort-two years he has worked on dental cosmetic care and is the former president of the Greater Houston Dental Laboratory Association. He graduated from University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio and University of Michigan.

Here at ARtech Cosmetic Dental Laboratory, no detail escapes his eye and takes every clients’ priority in his own hands. He has had a hand in every crown and bridge crafted in his laboratory. ARtech crowns and bridges are not only top quality, but are delivered to you when you need them.

ARtech ships dental cases nationwide and in today’s business environment even the smallest decisions made can have a significant impact. He believes that it is very important to make decisions that get the best return on your investment.

ARtech Cosmetic Dental Lab realizes the importance of choosing a reputable Laboratory and hope to be a service to you!

Dr. Art Rocha

Art Rocha Sr., D.M.D. Resume

• Forty-One Years of Experience
• President of ARtech Cosmetic Dental Lab
• Graduated University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, TX
• Former President Greater Houston Dental Laboratory Association
• Faculty of University of Texas Health Science Center Dental Branch
• University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Michigan
• Universidad Autonoma de Mexico School of Dentistry